The beauty giant has been repeatedly accused of deceptive marketing. In 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the corporation for mislabelling its haircare products. The lawsuit accuses L’Oreal of deceiving customers by making untrue claims about the contents of its product. Link to source

Earlier in 2014, the corporation settled a lawsuit where US regulators claimed its ads were false and unsubstantiated. Specifically, L’Oreal’s Genifique products claimed its products would lead to "visibly younger skin in just seven days" by targeting the users' genes. Link to source

L’Oreal’s persistence in marketing skin lightening products raises the question of whether the corporation puts profits before society’s general well-being. While it is not illegal to market skin lightening products, the ethics behind its promotion has been questioned. Link to source

Finally, a lawsuit against L’Oreal by the corporation’s former patent lawyer raises questions about L’Oreal’s ethics in business. Link to source

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