Flipping Recruitment

Recruitment is stuck in an archaic model designed for a job market that was predominantly employer-driven. Today’s job market for experienced professionals is largely candidate-driven. That is to say; employers have to compete for experienced talent and candidates have the power to choose their next employer. Given this new dynamic it doesn’t make sense to ask candidates to chase after job opportunities by making them ‘apply’ for a job. Employers need to pitch (sell) their jobs to potential candidates.

Traditional recruitment firms have been trying to fill this gap but their exorbitant fees are too expensive for growth stage businesses and their dependency on consultants results in inconsistency.

We started Pitched to tackle this problem. Pitched flips the traditional recruitment model by helping employers to pitch their opportunities to potential candidates. Our flipped approach attracts more candidates and allows us to match job opportunities to candidates with higher accuracy. We leverage technology to do this at a lower cost; making us more affordable than traditional recruitment firms.

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