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Instead of waiting for candidates to apply to your jobs, pitch them opportunities based on their career goals and interests.

  • Reach opportunity-ready candidates

  • Shortlist with structured job-fit assessments

  • Save with affordable recruitment fees


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Submit your job requirements and we’ll send you a shortlist. Only pay when you hire a candidate.

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Reach more of the right candidates

More candidates sign up with Pitched because we’ve made it easier and a lot more exciting to explore the job market.

Rich candidate data allows us to intelligently match your jobs to candidates based on their experience and intent.


Fill key roles


Software Engineering

Engineering Management


Product Management

Project Management

Data Analytics

Quality Assurance

Sales & Marketing

Marketing Management

Sales Management

Social Media Management

B2B Sales


Financial Management

Management Accounting

Financial Accounting

Financial Controlling

Human Resources

HR Management

HR Business Partnering

Talent Acquisition

Talent Development

Talent Management

Rewards Management


Job-Fit Assessments

Spend less time on the wrong candidates

We design customised job-fit assessments for every role we recruit so that you only interview candidates who are right for the job.

Look beyond the CV

Receive detailed job-fit reports so that you can assess candidates beyond what’s written on their CV. Learn about their personality, culture-fit, career aspirations, concerns, etc.

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Affordable Pricing

Say goodbye to exorbitant recruitment fees!

Pay a fixed price for all your hiring needs or choose a reasonable success-based fee.


How it works

1. Describe your job

Submit your job description and answer a few quick questions about what you’re looking for in a candidate. We’ll design an attractive job pitch and start pitching your job to potential candidates.

2. Review your shortlist

Receive a shortlist of candidates who have passed structured job-fit assessments. Shortlisted profiles include a detailed job-fit report so that you have all the information you need to assess candidates.

3. Connect and hire

Set up interviews with the candidates and hire the best person for the job; all within 30 days of sharing your job requirements with us.

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