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The work we do is our way of showing up in the world, to learn, contribute and ultimately make a difference. We’re most fulfilled when we get to do generous work that contributes to a larger purpose.

At Pitched, we call this type of work purpose-driven. Sign up to get pitched purpose-driven work opportunities that match your professional experience.


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For purpose-driven professionals

Whether you’re actively looking or just keeping an eye out for interesting opportunities, we’ll let you know about meaningful work opportunities in Malaysia.

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Stay Anonymous

Explore the job market anonymously. We take privacy seriously and keep your profile confidential at all times.

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Relevant Jobs

Only get pitched relevant job opportunities. We do our best to curate job opportunities based on your experience and expectations.

Here’s how it works

  1. Sign up

    Upon signing up, our team will review your LinkedIn profile to learn about your professional experience. If we need more info, our consultant will reach out with specific questions.

  2. Get pitched

    We’ll pitch you job opportunities that align with your experience. The job pitch provides detailed job information so you don’t waste time exploring opportunities that don’t meet your basic expectations.

  3. Explore

    If the job pitch interests you, schedule a call with us to explore further. We’ll answer your questions and conduct a job-fit assessment to see if your experience meets the job requirements.

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We specialise in recruiting senior corporate positions

Sales | Marketing | HR | Finance

Sign up and get pitched

  • Pursue a purpose-driven career

  • Remain anonymous in the job market

  • Get curated job opportunities that match your experience

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