Not just another employer brand

Every time I log on to LinkedIn, I see yet another organization post about how they celebrated an employee, organized a fun event or participated in a community activity.

It’s great to see organizations invest in their employer brand. Unfortunately, it seems like most employers are trying to imitate the employer branding strategies of icons like Google and Netflix. These iconic employer brands may serve as useful inspiration but it’s probably not smart to try and be just like them.

The strategy to be just as good as the best is often futile. Be different.

I know it's easier said than done. As more employers invest in their brand, creating a differentiated brand position is becoming increasingly difficult.It may help to invest time in answering two fundamental employer branding questions;

As an employer, what do we want to be known for (what is our employer brand position)?

How are we different from other employers in our market?

Do you want to be known for investing in employee growth, for working with the latest technologies, for hiring the smartest people, for seeding future leaders, for leading innovation in your industry, for contributing back to your community, for having the coolest work environment, etc?You might have an answer that combines two or more brand positions and that works as well so long as it clearly sets you apart from other employers. Once you’ve picked your position, commit to being the best in your chosen position category.