Candidate must-haves and nice-to-haves

Anyone can sign up for a premium LinkedIn account, punch in their search criteria and in seconds have a list of potential candidates. The trick is knowing what to look for.Two-page long job descriptions and detailed job briefs from hiring managers can make this overwhelming and confusing.There’s a simple tool that makes it easier.

Make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves.

Must haves are non-negotiable requirements. If a candidate doesn’t have it, they wouldn’t be able to do the job.Nice-to-haves are criteria you would like but which are not deal breakers. These are factors that may make the candidate more effective but without them, a candidate would still be able to do the job.Each list should have between three to five criteria and definitely not more.

The challenge is in curation.

It should force you to ask questions like;

Is academic qualification a must have or nice to have?

Is industry experience a must-have or nice to have?

Is team management experience a must have or nice to have?

Is tenure a must have or nice to have?

It's a really simple tool but I have found it really helps with focus. Additionally, if you’re a recruiter, this is a great tool to use when you’re getting a job brief from the hiring manager. It helps to clarify priorities and gets everyone on the same page.