More substance, less jazz

Too many organizations focus on talking about their employer brand instead of thinking about their employer brand.

A quick scan of the most recent LinkedIn job ads will show most employers try to impress candidates with:

  1. run of the mill descriptions of their organization’s size/growth,

  2. vague proclamations of industry dominance, and

  3. generic statements about transforming customers

When every employer claims to be a fast growing, industry leading, multinational transforming the lives of thousands of customers; how does one stand out?

Focus on your organization’s purpose.

Why does your organization exist? What problem is it solving? Why does it matter?

At first, it might be hard to find purpose behind an online retailer, an FMCG, a bank, or a tech service provider. But it’s not impossible.

For instance;

Etsy is an online marketplace that exists to keep human connection at the heart of commerce,

Chobani is a yogurt brand that exists to offer its customers honest food made the right way, and

Beneficial State Bank exists to build prosperity in communities through better banking services.

It may take a bit of soul searching but it’s possible to find purpose even in the most traditional profit-centric businesses.

Do the work. Identify your organisation’s purpose and use it as your central employer branding message.

Navin MurugaOnPurpose