It says something about me

There are two categories of candidates. Professionals who get to choose who they’d like to work for and professionals who don’t get to choose.

Candidates who get to choose are the ones who have the skills employers compete for. They’re the ones we’re trying to attract with our employer brand and recruitment initiatives.

They are the toughest to recruit.

For those who get to choose, a job is more than just a way to make money. It’s a way to define who they are in society. It helps them tell the world (and tell themselves), “This is who I am”.

Some want to say, “I’m the kind of person that works with a big branded company” or “I’m the kind of person who works with a scrappy young startup” or even “I’m the kind of person that works for a company that’ solving an important problem”.

The job they do is part of their personal positioning statement.

So when they look for a job, they’re not just looking for a job title, salary package or extra responsibility. They’re looking to say something about themselves.

When an employee chooses to work for you, what does it say about them?