I’ll get back to you

You know the rom-com scene where it’s the morning after the first date and the girl is wondering if she’ll get a call from the guy. He said he’ll call so she waits. A day passes and nothing. A week passes and nothing. At this point, we’re all thinking, “Man, some guys are terrible!"

That’s how a candidate feels when you tell them you’ll get back to them after an interview and never do.

Most of us have been guilty of it. I know I have. Time is scarce and sending a polite update can seem like the last thing to do on our list of priorities. But that’s really not an excuse.

Besides the fact that it’s common courtesy, being prompt with your updates also helps increase your candidate’s level of engagement with the opportunity.

Candidates understand that the interview processes takes time. They know that;

  • You need to interview more candidates

  • You need to discuss their profile with someone else on your team

  • You might not be certain if they’d be a fit or not and need to review your requirements

They get it.

But again, nothing stops you from sending a quick message, saying “Hi John, still deliberating on how to move forward. Will let you know when we have feedback. So sorry for the delay.”

That short message goes a long way.