Honest conversations

A quality interview is a conversation that uncovers information. It reveals a candidate's experiences, abilities, motivations and concerns in service of assessing the candidate against your job requirements.

There are specific techniques that can help interviewers uncover this information but the effectiveness of these techniques is largely dependant on whether the candidate feels comfortable to have an honest conversation.

Trust and respect facilitate honest conversation.

How do you build trust and respect with a candidate you’ve never met? In the case of recruitment, it’s built over the many interactions a candidate has with a potential employer.

For instance,

Trust is built when an employer:

is transparent about their salary budget,

is open about their organisation’s weaknesses and,

is candid about their feedback.

Respect is built when an employer:

updates a candidate as promised,

turns up on time for an interview and,

studies a candidate’s CV before the interview.

These seemingly 'small actions' are what contribute honest conversations which in turn result in quality interviews. Unfortunately, these are also the 'small actions' employers often take for granted in the recruitment process.

Navin Muruga