Menu or market?

Imagine you are a chef on a remote island and you only have access to seasonal food produce that has been grown on the island.

How will you decide on what to cook?

Would you start by creating a menu or would you start by visiting the market.

The chef who starts with his menu has to hope the produce he needs is available at the market.

The chef who starts with a visit to the market creates a menu based on what’s fresh and available.

Smart chefs choose to start with the market because they know having fresh ingredients makes all the difference.

In business, great talent make all the difference.

Like chefs on a remote island, employers don’t have access to any type of candidate they want. They only have access to what’s available in the market.

Smart employers adapt to the job market.

They might start a job search for a specific candidate profile but as they start to engage with the talent market and learn about the type of candidates that are available, they adapt their job opportunities to better suit the candidates that are available.

It’s an approach that's more aligned with the realities of today’s candidate scarce job market.

Navin Muruga