A special invitation, not an open announcement

When you recruit, you’re saying, "Hey, would you like to join us because it might be great to work together, to grow together and to try and change the world together."

In essence, it’s an invitation from one group of people to a special individual.

Yet, recruitment today doesn't feel like this at all. Generic job ads, copy and paste InMails, scripted phone interviews and poor candidate engagement have made recruitment look like just another bland admin activity. Candidates used to get excited when they were contacted by a recruiter. Now, they’re sceptical.

In the rush to grow our organisations quickly and win talent at all cost we’ve built impersonal (designed for volume) recruitment processes.

Here are three principles that will lead to more meaningful recruitment experiences.

Be selective about who you approach. LinkedIn is not a tool to spam as many people as possible. It’s a tool to find the right person and then connect.

Have real conversations. When you run an interview, you’re not administering a test, you’re having a conversation. Be curious about their experience and generous with your advice.

Be courteous. Contact candidates promptly, respect their time, update them as promised and above everything else, be honest.